Retirement is subjective. Every person is unique.

As I write this, I am not “retired” yet (in the classical idea of retired life). Lynda Gratton in her books, co-authored with Andrew Scott, inspired me to rethink retirement and growing old in general.

And is where I share my reflections on planning for my retirement.

I am developing my process as I go along - it is a learning-by-doing iterative process. I hope you can benefit from what I am sharing on OIRU.


OIRU (pronounced ‘oh-ee-roo’) is Japanese: 老いる - which means “to age; to grow old”. (

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Disclaimer: Anything I share is not intended as financial advice; I am merely sharing personal opinions and experiences. The information is of general nature and you should only use it as a place to start your own research and you certainly should do your own due diligence. You ought to seek professional financial advice before making any decisions.


S. Hendry
Growing older and, hopefully, wiser